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SailTagus was founded in late 2015 with the purchase of the Xalabar vessel after verifying the absence of an inclusive and truly premium service.

However, after years of neglect, the Xalabar was in poor condition and couldn't start sailing. Thus began the 3 year restoration process, at the Shipyard in Sarilhos Pequenos.

The Xalabar took 713 days to return to the waters of the Tagus river and, in May 2019, received the last inspection from the Port of Lisbon, giving it the approval necessary to work and transport passengers.

Xalabar started its days in 1938 as a sailing vessel, although it was only registered in 1956 by the Naval Brigade of the Portuguese Legion.

Originally equipped with a 1-cylinder 17-horsepower engine, it received its current engine in 1970, a 3-cylinder, 56-horsepower Bukh. In the same year it was transformed into a pleasure boat with the shape and features it had until 2015.

The entire structure was the focus of the restoration, but keeping in mind its future role as a tourism vessel, original features were maintained. Its entire structure was redone, including arms, keel, bow and all the planking. A new wooden mast measuring 12.4m was placed so that the vessel could again sail a boom was added for greater safety and comfort for passengers.


Xalabar received modern equipment, such as a refrigerator, sound system and navigation equipment. The new deck is in kambala, the cabin in mahogany and the various metallic pieces in bronze and stainless steel.

The quality of the restoration process, the attention to detail given by the best professionals in the craft and the use of superior materials make Xalabar a unique vessel to sail in Lisbon.

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